Exclusive stores

The collection of Olli + Jeujeu is available at the following stores. If you have a shop and would like to sell and Olli + Jeujeu please contact us.


Dorpstraat 42

2211 GD Noordwijkerhout

0252 419 343


Jut en Juul
Lifestyle for kids

Nieuwe Rijn 58

2312 JH Leiden

071 514 60 16



Burgersdijkstraat 19

2225 AT Katwijk ZH

088 20 40 840

mixmix reykjavík

Langholtsvegur 62

104 Reykjavik



‘t Klavertje

Herenstraat 87

2271 CC Voorburg



Partnering opportunities with the brand Olli + Jeujeu

The Olli + Jeujeu brand and design has huge appeal with young children and (grand)parents. It is possible to use Olli + Jeujeu brand as a promotional product or to strengthen a product or service that appeals to the target audience. You can think about the use of various images and designs like the characters, various styles, colors, icons and backgrounds that are specially designed by Fleur Suijten.

For specific promotions it is also possible to create an exclusive product in consultation and with approval from our design team. Olli + Jeujeu will only work with reputable companies and manufacturers who develop quality products and with the good distribution channels. For more information or advice please contact TradeMarc Licensing, and Olli + Jeujeu and together we can look at the various possibilities for cooperation.